Every couple has a unique story and we think stories are best told through film. Here at Facing West Media we are passionate and dedicated to helping you tell your story in a way that captures and highlights the beauty and creativity of your wedding day just as you imagined. We would love for you to give us a call and let us hear about your story!

We use several talented videographers working as a team with a variety of tools and techniques to capture every special moment of your wedding from many different and creative angles. This cinematic approach assures us a number of shots to work from and the ability to keep your film dynamic and interesting.

We love coming in and shooting for a full day.From bridal party and groom preparations, first look, wedding vows, to the celebration afterwords. Our goal is to take all of these amazing moments and turn them into a highly polished finished product that feels like you are watching a movie about your day. One that you and your loved ones will not only enjoy but truly want to watch for years to come. 

With every wedding being so unique, our team at Facing West Media enjoys working closely with our clients to be positive that we exceed their expectations. Beyond capturing the wedding we offer a number of options to customize the finished product.

  • We have multiple full HD cameras with advanced motion stabilization gear.
  • A drone for capturing incredible aerial shots of the venue.
  • Video booth and lighting so your friends and family can record your well wishes in person.
  • Live streaming capabilities.  Facing West now has the ability to show your wedding live on the web and even switch between cameras much like a television broadcast. This allows your family and friends that may not have been able to make it to the event the chance to still enjoy the festivities live as they are happening.
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See more of our work at our Vimeo Channel.